Servicing the Construction Industry

For over 50 years, Quality Enclosures has been a family-owned and operated company ready to service our clients and community. We are a leader in providing essential and just-in-time products and services to the construction industry. When times are tough, we continue to provide service and materials to those in need.

We are able to do this through our redundant company structure. We have glass tempering facilities in multiple states and distribution hubs spread across the eastern United States. When one area is affected, we are flexible enough to let another area take the lead and deliver what is needed. Our smaller, cost-efficient locations allow a small workforce to serve a large area with a variety of needs.

When disasters strike, our industry continues. We provide the glass required to complete new construction and earn closing certifications. We replace glass in communities affected by natural disasters, from the Florida hurricanes of 2008 to the 2020 tornadoes in Nashville, Tennessee. When COVID-19 dictated the closure of entertainment and hospitality-based industries, we were able to continue by providing materials needed for isolation, like interior windows and doors made with tempered safety glass.

It's this sense of community that allows Quality Enclosures to thrive no matter what the state of the world is. We take care of our employees and the communities we serve because our business helps those communities grow.